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At Pattern Bliss blog I'll be sharing my favorite surface pattern design inspirations, trends, a sneak peek my pattern designs, my favorite shoes, and, of course, cute dog pictures. Plus you'll get a glimpse of what goes on inside my studio in my sketchbook series.

Instagram Challenge Over at Pattern Observer

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If I had a team t-shirt, this would be it. 

I’m joining in on the 7-day #POMarketing photo challenge via @PatternObserver on Instagram. Starts today: Day 1 - #lovelylogos 

You can find out more about the newest Instagram Challenge I organized with Pattern Observer on their blog here

Pattern Observer Blog

Here's what Patter Observer says about the newest Instagram Challenge that I organized. 

This Instagram challenge has been organized by designer Chris Olson
In anticipation of our upcoming marketing workshop, over the next two weeks we will be exploring how marketing can be both beautiful and fun! We are kicking things off with an Instagram Photo Challenge and the rest of the free events are listed below.

Our newest Instagram challenge focuses on marketing—and making it beautiful. This 7-day challenge is all about adding your personal artistic touch to your professional brand identity—logos, business cards, newsletters, and more. So join the fun. Share images of your own branding. Or repost images from the brands that you admire using apps like Repost for Instagram.

Be sure to hashtag your posts with #POMarketing and the daily prompt. Pattern Observer will do a blog post after the challenge sharing our favorites. There is no pressure to participate everyday. There are no rules here, just have fun and share your observations during the week. Check out the #POMarketing feed on Instagram to see what your friends are posting.

Monday: #LovelyLogos
Tuesday: #PrettyPortfolios
Wednesday: #BizCardBliss
Thursday: #NeatNewsletters
Friday: #TrendingTradeshowBooths
Saturday: #CuratedCollections
Sunday: #PatternPremieres